About the Author

About the Author?

The author is a native Californian.  She is a mother and grandmother.   After completing school, she worked as a customer service representative, typist, and bookkeeper.  Eventually, she become a  manager with a major company.  She road a motorcycle and has a sports car. The author leads a normal life except for Sjogren’s Syndrome.

Where Does the Interest in Sjogren’s Come From?

The author began to look for reasons why she had tears in the corneas of both eyes.  Her mouth dried out so that she needed frequent sips of water to talk,  Her hair began to fall out.  The author, She had been an energetic mom and a tireless worker, was exhausted at the end of the day.   As she researched these symptoms, she found information on Sjogren’s Syndrome.   

About the author and the invisible disease

The Doctor’s Response

Her doctor realized that the combination of individual symptoms could  point to Sjogren’s.   After seeing specialists at different clinics and having tests done,  the author was diagnosed with Sjogren’s Syndrome.

        Understanding Symptoms

With her diagnosis, the author looked for treatment for  her symptoms.  Some symptoms improved with treatment.   Some required a lot of trial and error to find treatment. The author made regular visits to several specialists. They recommended treatments and monitored the affect.  Treatments changed as symptoms changed.  The author realized that knowledge of Sjorgren’s, its symptoms and symptom treatments could have helped her.

Why Create a Website?

Sjogren’s is not life threatening, but it does dramatically affect life.  Symptoms impact daily functioning making simple actions difficult.  Symptoms can intensify or disappear for a time.  The entire body can be affected.  Suffers deal with everything from hair loss to extreme fatigue. There can be changes in how things taste to damage to joints.  At first, many people feel they are over reacting to their symptoms.   Others can think there is no disease because individual symptoms appear minor.  The cumulative affect of Sjogren’s Syndrome is real.

This website provides information about Sjogren’s Syndrome.   It is also a forum for you to share your experience and offer support and advice. You can leave a comment at in the comment section of the home page.

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