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Dry Mouth Sjogren Syndrome – Chronic Irritation

Sjogren’s Syndrome has a variety of symptoms.  At first, they seemed minor to me.  But, the combined affect was profound. Dry mouth sjogren syndrome affected my work.  It disrupted my social life. It eroded my confidence.

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Dry Mouth

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Dry mouth is a common problem. Many things can cause dry mouth.

Excessive use of alcohol

Medication Side Affects

Excessive Exercise

Medical Treatments

Medical Conditions

Food Allergies

The Environment


The condition can be frequent but temporary.  For me, it was chronic.  I tried treating my dry mouth with a drink.  I used gum to stimulate saliva. Chronic dry mouth is quite different.  I needed to apply moisture continuously.


Contact Lenses – Dry Eyes – Treatment

My rheumatologist suggested a “shot gun” approach to dealing with my symptoms. He suggested mouthwash and ointments for my dry mouth.  As well, he recommended short naps for my fatigue.  Finally, he suggested cold compresses and drops for my dry eyes. But he never suggested contact lenses. Everyone reminded me that the impact of my symptoms could change. As a result, he ask, “Right now, what affects you most?”

this eye needs contact lenses


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