Sjogren’s Syndrome Bibliography

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This book is a valuable resource for anyone who is facing the challenges of a Sjogren’s diagnosis. The authors address both the newly diagnosed patient and those who have been coping with this chronic illness for many years.This new book offers a wealth of information on both the medical and psychological aspects of Sjogren’s syndrome. It gives the reader a comprehensive, but plain spoken, perspective on living with this complex disease.While there is no cure for Sjögren’s, much can be done to alleviate the suffering of patients. This extensively revised handbook offers everything you need to know to cope with this disease. This book is an excellent practical guide for people with Sjogren’s Syndrome. It offers a good balance of medical information and everyday coping techniques. For many of us simply understanding all of the many facets of the condition and then finding medical help has been a long battle. This book is a true “do no harm” approach. It also provides cutting edge insight into the causes of “auto-immune” illness. T

I believe that I needed more information on this condition in order to address my symptoms of eye and mouth dryness prior to talking about it with my rheumatologist. This book is extremely informative and comprehensive.I was looking for a fast read to help explain a possible diagnoses,,,,,,  To help explain test and treatment. This guide simplify s thingsSjogren’s disease is one of the most difficult chronic diseses you can live with. There’s a lot of information out there, but a great portion of it is either extremely simplistic or impossible to understand. Fortunately, this is not the case. The Sjogren’s Syndrom Guide contains useful, practical, down to earth advice you can easily apply to real life. What an inspiration this book is for those who suffer with Sjogren’s! Each story in the book brings comfort, support, and valuable information. This is a must-read, not just for patients but family members, health care professionals, and anyone else touched by any autoimmune illness / connective tissue diseaseThis book is a great resource, covering many traditional treatment options, as well as natural alternatives. I really like that this book was written by a Sjogren’s patient, as she can speak from a place of personal experience, not just clinical facts.I was recently diagnosed with Sjogren’s Syndrome and find this book is loaded with much needed information. It goes into great detail on every aspect of Sjogren’s. This is one of the best books out there on Sjogren’s Syndrome. Because Sjogren’s Syndrome is an autoimmune disorder that can affect many different parts of the body, it can be very difficult to live with…however, this book goes into detail about every possible manifestation of the disease and how to cope with them. It’s very comprehensive and very scientific at times, but well worth the read.Simple but right to the point. It could have been written by me. I will make sure my family reads this to help them understand better.This volume summarises current understanding of the pathogenesis of the disease, including advances in the genetics of Sjögren’s syndrome. Chapters cover disease mechanisms, clinical diagnosis and assessment, secondary Sjögren’s syndrome, the role of laboratory investigations, and imaging. A therapy-based section covers topical oral and ocular therapies, and the role of steroids and biologics are also addressed.It only has very basic information of Sjogren’s. Warning this book is not for professionals but only for patients.This book is a wonderful empowerment tool, showing us all the ways we can make a positive difference in our health. From how to put together a healthcare team, to making changes in the areas of diet, movement, sleep, stress, joy, support, and self-advocacy. We don’t have to be victims to our illness.This book helped it all make sense to me. Seeing all the possible disorders and all the possible symptoms, it became clear how difficult it was for the doctors to pinpoint a problem. It also helped me to realize that I did not need a label before I could begin working for a treatment. This book gave enough information for me to feel more in control and to familiarize me with the different diseases that were possibilities.














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