My Mouth

When I noticed that I had trouble talking because my mouth was dry, I began to carry a water bottle with me constantly.  A sip every few moments helped for a few moments, but the dryness always returned.  I wondered if I was using a toothpaste to which I was allergic.  I thought maybe coffee or candy was causing my mouth to dry out.

This is one symptom that I discussed only incidentally with my doctor once we began putting all the symptoms I was experiencing together.  My dry mouth did not seem serious.  As I look back now, this particular symptom affected my work and my confidence.

Fortunately, the degree of my dry mouth is not as dramatic as for some Sjogrens suffers.  The symptom can affect the tongue and saliva glands changing the ability to communicate and even the structure of the fleshy parts of the face.

Dry mouth has affected my taste.  Now a great many fruits and sauces are too sour for me to enjoy.  There are products that can moderate some of the affects of dry mouth, but they all demand regular continuing use.


If you have experienced dry mouth, please share you experience particularly noting products that have helped to moderate this symptom.

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