My Energy

serena williamsHave you always been energetic.  Have you always been able to get through the day and have plenty left over to enjoy the evening?  Many of us realized, over a period of time, that, at the end of the day, we were just sitting with no energy left for the evening, for ourselves.  A bit of time starring at the TV and then sleep boosted the energy levels up for the next day.  Functioning is great all day long.  Then, again, at the end of the day, we just sit, exhausted wondering why.

Because people have  sufficient energy to function for most of the day, it takes awhile to realize that the fatigue at night is not just from stress at work, or over commitment with kids activities or age.  Its something else.   Often, when reported to a physician, the fatigue stimulates blood tests, dietary studies, allergy tests and sleep studies.  Household schedules are examined.  Workload is discussed,  Relationships are checked for signs of tension. Under normal circumstances, some of these tests would identify a direction for treatment.  Often, testing suggests one treatment or another, but the fatigue does not abate.

Individuals that experience this Sjogrens related fatigue begin to question themselves.  Are they complainers.  Do they just not want to do all the things they were used to doing.

self care tipThe astute doctor will begin to look beyond more traditional causes of fatigue and consider an auto immune disorder.  Individuals who  research their symptoms online may stumble on this type of disorder and consider Sjogrens before their physician.  In most cases, the fatigue does not pass, but life adjustments can be made so that the recovery period from fatigue supports normal life activities and not simply working hours.

A great deal of information on fatigue related to Sjogren’s Syndrome has been documented by the Sjogren’s Syndrome Foundation.

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