Journey Beginning – Reviewing Symptoms

The journey beginning with identifying symptoms of  Sjogren’s Disease has been long.

My Journey Beginning with Symptoms

My Symptoms

My symptoms didn’t seem connected at first.  Sjogren’s is not that well known.  There are so many symptoms,    It’s not the first diagnosis thought of.  My blood tests showed an elevated white cell count.  I experienced tears in both corneas.  I had severe dry mouth. I couldn’t talk without frequent sips of water.   I had pain in my face and overwhelming fatigue.  I also began to loose hair.  At first, these symptoms seemed unrelated.

My Search

I researched my symptoms.  When I found an article on Sjogren’s Disease, I realized that my symptoms might be connected.  I asked my doctor about this. He referred me to a wonderful rheumatologist.  She told me that it is hard to diagnosis Sjogren’s Disease.  She treated my symptoms. She also referred me to a well know medical clinic for a diagnosis.

What Now?

What now?  I was going to a new clinic.  I didn’t know the doctor’s. They didn’t know me.

Diagnosis but No Cure

With my journey beginning, I was told that there was no cure for Sjogren’s Disease.   My symptoms would be treated,  but the disease would be lifelong. With a diagnosis of Sjogren’s Disease, I was 30 times more likely than the average person to develop lymphoma.

I knew that there was no cure.  I knew we would attempt to manage my symptoms.  I knew that I had a good chance of developing lymphoma.  SuddenIy, I didn’t  wanted a diagnosis.

 No Cure

My Diagnosis

After to the clinic,  I had an MRI and a lip biopsy.  My salivary glands were cleaned.  The lip biopsy confirmed the diagnosis of Sjogren’s.  I was prescribed two medications for my dry mouth and two types of lubricants for my dry eyes, I advised  to see my dentist because of a high risk for tooth damage.  I also got medication to treat rheumatoid arthritis and/or systemic lupus.  Just in case.

“Okay.”, the doctors said. “We’ll see you in three months.”


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